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Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

Amazon blocks thousands of accounts on a daily basis due to any one of a string of reasons that exist. As a result, sellers like you live in perpetual fear of Amazon’s hammer coming down on them. You need a service that understands Amazon’s appeal letter criteria and proven success in reinstating cases in the past. Delivery times for appeal letters are usually set from 24-72 hours – Terms and conditions apply. If you need to write to us before ordering  – use the Free Consultation Form 

Reason for suspension:

Inauthentic item

Counterfeit item

Product safety complaints

Used item sold as new

Not as advertised

Expired item

Selling prohibited Items

Listing do not match detail page

Right Owner notice of infringement

Opening a new account after being suspended

Related accounts

Amazon Appeal Letter



24 hours service

Amazon Appeal Letter



72 hours service

Amazon Appeal Letter



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